I wore my mother's rehearsal dinner dress to a rehearsal dinner.


I got married. 


I played funk with my father and new husband and we brought down the rain.


I permanently scarred my feet with something blue. 

I went to the mountains and explored a stunning cave. A young German boy  obviously didn't understand English, because he didn't understand that you NO TOUCHINGS STALAGMITES!


I navigated through some  legitimate scramble. After a 15-20 minute mortality-meditation concerning a death-defying-crevice-leap in the midst of a 5 hour hike, I negotiaKated with my fear of heights, leapt, and made it to the top.


I learned how to do more with a charcoal grill than merely watch some schmuck use it. Here's an iPhone 4 image of my sweet, tenderly, grilled-pork, perched next to the most brilliant discovery a gal can make on a brief stay in a small Shenandoah town----> Dippin' Dots!

I also ate space ice-cream the next day. Space ice-cream taps into my water-chestnut / jicama Texture-Love. (Excitement trumped photo-op)

Life is beautiful.


After this short, yet deeply enlightening pause, what's next for us here at TWSS Project? This next week we're exploring fear. Of a wedding?... Fear of heights?.... Fear of taking time off? Impermanence? Fear of permanence? Getting in front of a camera? Snakes? 

What do you wish you weren't scared of? 

What do you fear that you have absolutely zero desire to face? 

North Carolina

Pink Socks?

AuthorKate Rose