"You make the pie, someone is eating the pie."

Cats and Sex!! Say what you want, not what you think someone wants to hear!

Rampant Feminist

Yesterday we talked blow jobs, today healthcare, and tomorrow maybe the new Smashing Pumpkins'  album. Age, food, career, pets, fashion, sex.... all make us WHO WE ARE. We have a baby and talk about it all the time, but we don't talk about the thing that makes the baby. Sex is just as much a part of us.

In every aspect of our lives, we have to know what we want, to get what we want. Knowing what we want begins with an honest conversation, with others and most importantly, ourselves. Talking about titties and ding-dongs and posting naked pictures is lots of fun and can be shocking, but it's also preaching to the choir. To reach out beyond the people who are comfortable and tell them "It's ok to talk about sex and sexual health," it's important to bridge the gap.


You've met Cindy here at That's What She Said Project before, and it's always a treat to share a new video! It's no surprise Cindy lays out what we're doing here perfectly. She gets it. 

Things would be so much better if people just thought about sex as personality. Our sexuality is part of who we are.

Tricycle or Bicycle?

Have you ever been the Third Wheel? Here is Mathilde's story. 

Is Sex-Talk a No-No?

Glorious Daisy Bevan talks about her relationship with her mother. Do you talk sex with your mother? Is it triumphant, trashy, or somewhere in-between?