I’m a selfish person working on a selfish project. Interviewing women always ends up being about me. I’m fascinated with these ladies, I’m dedicated to the sincerity of their stories, thrilled to watch them have a revelation. But, I can’t help but make it personal. Isn’t that how we experience everything about everything? 

©Kate Rose 2011

©Kate Rose 2011

That’s What She Said is...Girly, passion, cancer, desire, sex, relationships, media, politics, self-worth, aging, indie-rock, freckles, home-furnishings, clarinet …


Air-brushed models, sluts who want access to birth-control, "celebrity" teen-mothers telling us abstinence programs REALLY DO work...


What should I be? How should I look? What do I really need to buy (gee whizz--- if I could only afford it)? 

How do we navigate ourselves through this maze? How do we figure out what we want when the distortion hides our own voices?

It's ok to dream about a successful career, curly red-hair, seducing a clown, bathing in Dip-In-Dots. Understanding why we want what we want can be fascinating, hilarious, enlightening... Life-Saving. 

That's What She Said is a documentary series encouraging women to have a real conversation. It isn't what you're supposed to want, it's what you want. 

Real women talking----. 

We want to hear from you! 

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