If you want something cool to do, walk around and contemplate all the people doing things you never would in 95 (plus) degree weather. Yesterday at roughly 11:30 am I spotted a girl, wearing tight dark denim jeans and a long sleeved button-down shirt, sitting in direct sunlight at an outdoor cafe drinking a Bud and eating what I understood to be a foot-long ground cheeseburger sub-roll with a side mess of fries smothered in mayo and ketchup. I saw a guy with a bushy head of hair wearing a three-piece-suit. A jogger in sweat-pants wearing Sony-pro headphones. Hey lady, why wear long black pants AND a cardigan? Dude, why are you sitting there under the sun in a black shirt and dark pants smoking a clove cigarette with your hot coffee and jumbo croissant? 

A fur hat in Williamsburg? Say what? Pants in general? Are ya kidding?

Also, why do all the trains smell like everyone's eating mustard salad?

Life can't stop when it's hot, but some of us are weaker than others and have to adjust our entire way of being when the neighborhood turns into a Dutch oven. All I do is wear my vintage summer-muumuus until I'm ready to jump into my 6-foot-deep cucumber slushie pool and wade around drinking iced watermelon juice. 


AuthorKate Rose