Oye!  What will the family think?

I always contemplate the awkwardness an actor must feel when Aunt Pearl and Grandpa Wilbur go see her new movie where she romps around naked.

Family and friends are always around. As is sex.

May we never forget those that have, or will, walk in on Mommy and Daddy wrestling.

My family gave me some beautiful vintage nightgowns for my wedding night. I was on the phone discussing this with my Grandmother and Aunt Fran when the latter astutely noted, "But, it's not like you're going to keep them on very long." Not a big deal in the context of the universe, but a little, err, blush-inducing in the context of Granny Ruth. Does this make me a total prude? 

Cindy Gallop is a powerful force. She's about to launch MakeLoveNotPorn.TV which is guaranteed to shake things up. [check out MakeLoveNotPorn.com too!] Cindy is admiringly open when she talks about sex. She's probably more comfortable discussing her sexual experiences in front of a massive crowd on stage than a lot of people are with their partners in their own bedroom.

Cindy also has parents. As I'm slowly but surely coming out of my own shell, I asked Cindy how she let her parents in on what she's doing. How did she break it to them that she dates younger men and is quite proud to talk about it?

Why are certain people so comfortable talking about sex while so many others aren't? There doesn't appear to be a consistent explanation. How did Cindy grow those cojones? Or should I say cojonas? So, I asked her:

In case you missed it, here's Cindy at TED2009. Keep an eye out for her launch. I'll keep you posted too. It promises to be friggin' brilliant.

AuthorKate Rose