I was ecstatic when Amanda de Cadenet called me right after the site launched to express her excitement and support for this project. Her encouragement and kindness to share her own story inspired me deeply.  Amanda's show, The Conversation, is profoundly progressive. The beauty is two -fold. She's using the power of celebrity to show ALL women that it's ok to speak honestly about infidelity, sex positions, sagging breasts, death, all kinds of insecurities and so much more. But, Amanda's also breaking down the wall we often feel divides us from the A-listers that seem so Goddess-like they must not even poop. 

We see that these women are flawed, goofy, insecure, and often feel lost just like everyone else.   

We can open any magazine a read about them going to fancy parties and staying at the Ritz, but what resonates is when they talk about the real stuff we all feel. To me, I'm more in-awe of these women now, the same way I'm in awe of all of the women that have opened up in interviews with That's What She Said.



WATCH THE CONVERSATION. Amanda rocks so much she immediately posts full episodes online if you miss the show. Check out the community forum and blog posts too because there's a lot of brilliant content.

AuthorKate Rose