In case you missed it the first time around... Did you know the vibrator was originally a tool doctors used to treat women's "hysteria" in the 1800's? Did you know in the 1900's women could buy their own handheld-vibrators and deal with this hysteria at home? 

All the pleasures of youth…will throb within you.

But, the vibrator disappeared as a useful medical device once it was connected to women's sexual needs, which obviously aren't a real thing.  Even if female sexual desire is legitimate, doing anything about it, I'd say even talking about it, means you're slutty. Which reminds me, have you birth control supporters mapped yourself on this Slut Map? Read more about the history of the vibrator over at Alternet..


This thing looks like it belongs in the garage next to a saw. What's in your drawer? Vibrators have definitely come a long way! 

AuthorKate Rose