Do guys look at that mom managing three kids all-by-herself at the grocery store in awe of her amazingness? It's 2016 and I want to believe we're way over the heroicness of a dad grocery shopping with three kids all-by-himself, but would I notice him more than a mom?  Most likely yes, and (probably) not because I'm checking papa out, but because it still seems different and refreshing...  Maybe deep down I just want to appreciate our modern approach to raising children on behalf of the generations of women before me. On behalf of my aunt, pregnant with her second child, nauseated, gagging while changing her first child's diaper, when her husband walks by and says, "I feel so sorry for you," and keeps walking.  I'm pretty sure we all know some older papas still kicking it who've never changed a diaper. So even in NYC where we've seen it all, I was curious if it's just sexist little me that still turns my head for dads...

AuthorKate Rose