Is your passion holy? Or filthy? Is there a difference? Could Patriarch Kirill tell the difference? Would we care if the Pussy Riot girls weren't hot?

What's more of a lightening bolt to your crotch? Tebow, or the fact that a second string quarterback gets endorsement deals bigger than... everyone?

Would your desire or your passion be more useful if you worked at NASA?  Could your passion for space-rock trump your desire for that hot mess in a spacesuit?  Would you put on a diaper and drive cross-country?

Was the mohawk on the dude that landed the mars rover sexier because you thought he was probably smart? What if he worked at Spencer's?

Are passion and desire the same? Does one promise more? 

Is passion easier to ignore? What happens when you desire something that turns your passion off? Is passion life and desire this moment

Hello lost passion....What doing?

We start answering below...

AuthorKate Rose